Gabriela Silang going to the big screen

Armed with a bolo knife, Gabriela Silang is going to the big screen to lead a revolt against Spaniards. Here’s the first official look of Gabriela Silang played by Tin Patrimonio which only means on thing this indie film, Gabriela, has kicked off its production.

Actress Jennylyn Mercado was reportedly going to give life to the role of Gabriela Silang for an indie film. She even attended horseback riding lessons because it was reported that Gabriela will be seen most of the time on a horse.But if the filmmakers behind this new Gabriela Silang indie film and the one who initially tapped Jennylyn Mercado is the same, where’s the horse in this teaser poster?

I guess that pretty much explains that this is either a test-look, a teaser poster and of course, an indie film! No horse, no budget.

The indie film stars Carlo Aquino, Ricky Davao, Jeffrey Santos, Mara lopez, Jim paredes, Arthur Solinap and Christine Patrimonio.

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